Spring Skincare Adjustments to Make Now

It's finally starting to feel like spring in NYC!  How's everyone doing out there?  Let me guess, you've been singing Pharrell's Happy in your head on repeat.  Just like the weather effects your mood it also effects your skin for better or worse, so to help steer you in the right direction I spoke with Dr. Marmur, a NYC based dermatologist, to give you guidance skincare adjustments you need to make for spring.  Yes, added moisturization is one of them.

What skincare adjustments should we be making for spring as the weather begins to warm up?

Skin goes through a little shock with every season change, so be ready to listen to it. The winter to spring transition brings out extra sensitive skin due to allergies and colds. Definitely amp up the moisturization with calming products with humectants.

Moisturizing is easy, but is it important to start in the shower?

The shower is critical to happy skin. I can tell immediately when someone's rash is simply from too much harsh soap and too many long hot showers. I recommend using Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash with NutriumMoisture, because it offers both mild cleansing and skin natural moisturizers to nourish skin’s protective layer and my patients can really feel the difference.