Spring Hair Color Trends, What to Ask for When You Go to The Salon

I've been in the mood to darken my hair color ever since I cut it into a bob and last week I had the opportunity to work with Ammon Carver, a member of the Matrix Artistic Team, at the Mizu Salon in NYC, who hooked me up.  While in his hands, we spoke about the hottest spring hair color trends and celebs that are rocking them right now.  Lucky for me, my request to go richer, was right on. "When the weather warms up ,hair color becomes about luxurious rich tones and this season we're still playing off of color graduation; deeper bases with lighter ends or soft highlights," Carver explained.

Reds: Think Jessica Chastain

Keep it in the natural feeling auburn and gold-copper tones. Avoid punk or bright red tones that look "fake."  Typically, monochromatic or very very subtle dimension is best for reds as you don't want to see the highlights too much.

Brunettes: Jennifer Lawrence

Soft dimension is everything right now! Gold-violet tones that aren't too brassy or coppery, which balance between warm and cool. Use descriptions like "cool-caramel," or "cool-mocha". This will guide your stylist into keeping the tones away from the orange-scary highlight color that brunettes usually deal with.

I went in asking for a richer, chocolate shade ended up with a healthy cool-mocha color. Carver used Matrix's new ColorInsider Precision Permanent Color, which has no ammonia, but deposits color into the hair through an oil delivery system.

Blondes: Reese Witherspoon and Charlize Theron

Tone on tone highlights. Ask for a combination of neutral-cool toned highlights and a soft-warm lowlight. You want beautifully balanced dimension that isn't extremely contrast-y. Lightest highlight and darkest lowlight should only be 3 levels of separation.  Go in for a quick single process base-adjust in between your highlight appointments to update your darker new growth.