Spring Break Beauty Essentials for Girls Who Like to Party... with Class

Spring Break is officially here and if you’re anything like me or my friends, you’ll be flying south to soak up some sun.  Although I didn’t go away this year (I know – so lame!), I asked some of my friends what they put in their beauty survival kits as they packed their bikinis and sunglasses for the warmer weather. Here are my top five fave beauty essentials that won’t break the bank: 1. Nail Polish

I usually bring Essie’s ‘Fiji’ with me wherever I go, but this year I’m up for a little change. The Essie Spring 2013 Collection is packed with fun colors and I’m dying to try ‘Go Ginza.' It’s a great bright neutral and the cherry blossom pink color will really bring out the tan in your hands. Be sure to pack it away in your suitcase so you can fix any chips and touch up your nails as needed.

2. Waterproof Mascara

While some of us might be totally against wearing complete face makeup to the beach or pool (leave it at home), there’s no reason our eyelashes can’t look fierce!  L’Oreal’s Telescopic Shocking Extensions Waterproof Mascara in Blackest Black is liquid extension gold in a bottle! Since I also wear contacts, I’m very cautious of flaky mascara so this is a must-buy for my sensitive eyes. The plastic, ‘lash hugging’ brush separates and extends each individual lash from root to tip for added length and volume.

3. SPF

Sometimes lugging around a big bottle of SPF is tedious and I know I’m always nervous about the cap busting open and dealing with an oily mess in m bag (yikes!). I suggest using Powerful Sun Protection Daily Sunscreen Towelettes SPF 30 by Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare. These towelette packets are perfect and easy to just throw in your beach bag. They’re 100% mess-free and oil-free so they won’t clog your pores. They block UVA and UVB rays along with other environmental pollutants. Plus, they're loaded with antioxidants, green tea, and vitamins A, C, and E. so you can use these little gems on both your face and body.

4. Lip Balm

I’m a firm believer in lips always, always needing protection. Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm SPF 20 is a sheer tinted lip balm that instantly moisturizes and leaves your lips looking fuller. Sometimes regular chapstick can be boring, but this comes in 6 different shades for every skin tone to give your lips a little something extra. Protection plus fun colors – what more could a gal ask for?

5. UV Defense for Hair

With all of the island wind, sun and salt water, your luscious locks are going to need some serious protection. Save them by using Bumble and bumble Color Minded UV Protective Styling Balm. When working it into your hair from root to tip, it creates a seal around your strands, resurfaces damaged cuticles and locks in moisture and nutrients. It works for all hair types and I highly recommend it for color-treated hair because it doesn’t contain sulfates, blocks UV rays and will save you a visit to your colorist.