Spotlight On: KohGenDo

You may not be familiar with KohGenDo yet, but that's because it's brand new to America. Well, allow me to introduce you... the brand comes from Japan and lots of famous actresses have been wearing it for quite some time already. I spoke about it Friday on FOX 8 in North Carolina as the secret behind Carrie Underwood, Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone's looks.  

Best known for their Moisture Foundations, KohGenDo offers two complete skin care lines too: Oriental Plants and Macro Vintage. The moisture foundations feel like a tinted moisturizer, but add more coverage.  From their skin care lines I have two favorites the Cleansing Spa Water and Macro Vintage Essence Mask.  

The Cleansing Spa Water is like a miracle in a bottle.  It removes makeup and leaves your face feeling refreshed so you don't have to rinse it off.  I keep a bottle near my bed for those lazy nights that I just can't seem to wash up in the bathroom.  The Macro Vintage Essence Mask adds extra moisture into my face and gives me a very refreshed look.  I normally just leave it on my face for 20 minutes after a flight or night of drinking to replenish and hydrate my skin.

Recently, celebrity makeup artist, Tania McComas, used the KohGenDo foundations on the set of upcoming film, Five Killers and commented, "KohGenDo foundation enhanced Katherine Heigl's flawless look. Even after hours in the heat and humidity it never failed us."

KohGenDo can be found online.