Sports Illustrated Model, Chrissy Teigen's Secrets for A Smooth, Summer Bod

Like any man I always pick up the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine to check out the models, but like any woman, I use the photos as inspiration to get beach ready.  Those ladies are beyond gorgeous and I respect them because unlike models you see in fashion publications, they have real curves (of course, in all the right places).  I got the 411 on Sports Illustrated Model, Chrissy Teigen's summer essentials. "I used to steal my fiance's razor, but now I would never," she comments.  "I use the Gilette Venus & Olay Razor, because it keeps my legs really smooth."

After shaving, to get her body beach ready, she swears by cocoa butter and cocoa butter oil.  Loaded with antioxidants, cocoa butter is one of the best moisturizers, because it penetrates through the top layer of the skin.  Added benefits include helping to reduce scars and stretch marks.  No wonder Teigen's skin looks so soft!

To keep her lips as smooth as her bod, she swears by lip conditioner.  "My lips always eat up it up in the summertime," Teigen explains.  "If I don't have any on hand, I use eye cream because it's usually concentrated and good for sensitive areas."