Sponsored: Achieve Touchable Curls with Paul Mitchell Twirl Around, My BFF Puts It to the Test

I'm not one to wear my hair curly, simply because I can't.  It takes hot tools and an army to give my hair any sort of wave.  However, there was a time, back in college, when my best friend Michele and I thought it was cool to try scrunching our hair with gel.  I'm not kidding.  Unlike me, Michele has a natural wavy texture so she can oomph it up with the right products if she wanted.  I ended up with crunchy, half straight, half kinked hair that looked and felt like hay.  I recently had Michele put Paul Mitchell's latest product to the test that promises "crunch free curls." Sure enough, the lucky biotch that she is ended up with smooth, defined waves.  The secret to her smoothness is Paul Mitchell Curls Twirl Around.  "I was just in Italy and didn't have access to a hair dryer," Michele comments.  "I just rubbed the product in my hands ran it through my hair when it was damp and let it air dry."

If I let my hair air dry, it looks the same as if I spent 20 minutes blow drying it!  Straight!  While some people say they'd kill for my hair, I wish I had at least a wave.  Check out the new Paul Mitchell Curls Collection at salons near you and confess your curly hair drama on their Facebook page using the #curlconfession.