Special Delivery: Crumbs Cupcakes

As I was entering my building last week, my doorman handed me a huge box of perishable items.  Eager to see what was inside I rushed into my apartment and tore open the package, which revealed six of the biggest, most elaborate cupcakes I've ever seen from Crumbs. Someone knew my sweet spot!

I brought them home to my family for Thanksgiving and we cut them up and indulged! They were so big that four of us were able to split one.  My favorite was the Oreo one with Oreo cookies on top of a vanilla cream cheese frosting and chocolate cake.  It's to die for! 

Crumbs makes the most delicious cupcakes in all different sizes, but the gigantic ones make the best gifts.  I recently sent an assorted six pack of their super-sized cupcakes that are about four inches high to my best friends who just moved into a new apartment.  

Check out Crumbs.com to discover the variety of cakes and locations near you.  You may want to consider ordering them for your holiday party.