New Smoking Alternative Worth Trying

I'm proud to admit that I was never one of those people who thought smoking was cool growing up, therefore I never smoked, but enough of my friends have and still do. Cigarettes cause more than one in five deaths and over 50,000 people die from second hand smoke in the U.S. alone. Let that marinate a minute. To this day, it still shocks me that people are still smoking.  I know quitting is much harder to do than it sounds, but I had to introduce you to a new smoking alternative, the SmokeStik, an electronic cigarette.  After Michael Douglas' battle with throat cancer, his wife, Catherine Zeta Jones, began quitting smoking with the SmokeStik as her alternative.  It's shocking to me that it takes a scare to get people to want to quit.

The SmokeStik acts like a cigarette, but instead of smoking tobacco and tar, you're smoking a mist of liquid glycerine, proplyene glycol and food grade flavorings that are vaporized and FDA approved.