Smell Like Spring with Bath & Body's Beautiful Day Collection

Despite the fact that the first day of spring began on March 20th, there were only two days since that really felt like spring in NYC.  It's times like these I know I should live in LA.  Until spring officially wants to welcome us with it's presence, try faking a beautiful day everyday by wearing bright coral lipstick, pastel polish and using uplifting fragrances to get you in happy hour mood.  I found an affordable pick-me-up that'll keep your mood boosted from sunrise til sunset.

Last week I was sent Bath & Body's new Beautiful Day Collection, which includes a shower gel, body scrub, body lotion, fragrance mist, perfume and more.  The fragrance is a light, fruity floral blend of apples, daisies and peonies and with the right layering technique, it lasts all day.  I like to start with the shower gel (which makes my whole bathroom smell like spring) and they layer with the body lotion and top it off with the fragrance mist.  

*This post is sponsored by Bath & Body, but my thoughts and actions are true.