Skin Brightening Tips from Dr. Debra Luftman

Lately I've been obsessed with brightening my skin.  Maybe because it's looking dull as I (dare I say it) age or maybe just because I have so many brightening products to test out and feel you can never have skin too bright?  I got the scoop from Dr. Debra Luftman on the ingredients to look for in your brightening products and why brightening is even a thing.  It has to do with attraction... "Psychologically, people are more attracted to women who have bright shinny skin," Dr. Luftman states.  "Overall confidence is generally improved when your skin is clear and bright." 

The best ingredients for brightening are: hydroquinone, kojic acid, azeleic acid, and glycolic acids.  Dr. Luftman recommends using brightening products at night and of course, an SPF with moisturizer during the day.  

Her favorites:  Natura Bisse-Diamond White SPF 50 PA Oil Free and Armani Beauty-Luminessence Bright Regenerator Concentrate, which can both be used nightly under moisturizer.  Some extras I've been using throughout the day include Simple Radiance Brightening Wipes, which uses natural mango extract and cleanses skin to make it radiant, and L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Face Mist  that refreshes and illuminates my skin throught out the day.  I've also been loving Shiseido's White Lucent Intenstive Brightening Mask once a week.