Shape Up Online

After 6 months, you will lose an average of 26 lbs. and never regain it. You will be among the 98% of members who lowered their Body Mass Index, as well as the 95% of members who felt more energized. You have a 92% chance of succeeding in your weight-loss endeavors.
No, no, it’s not magic, it’s not a pill, and it’s not surgery. It’s Not all weight problems are created equal.  For just that reason, this unique and interactive website dedicated to revealing the healthiest you, will ask you a series of personalized questions ranging from when you started gaining weight to your past diet experiences to how much water you drink in a day, all in order to develop a custom-tailored plan to fit your body and your lifestyle.  Conveniently, you will immediately receive a free weight-loss profile e-mail detailing your good and bad habits and what you can do to improve them to reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be.
The sophisticated plan takes into account scientific factors such as the Glycemic Index, the Body Mass Index, cortisol levels (stress indicators, which, when elevated, deter weight loss), the acid-basic balance in your body, detoxification, societal factors such as the obesity epidemic, personal development, and the most up-to-date and efficient exercise techniques. Celebrity secrets and various motivation methods don’t hurt, either. This is a smart lifestyle change: instead of treating your food intake as a simple measurement of calories, you can alter your entire approach to dining and working out.
Memberships, ranging from a modest $15 to $30 a month, depending on how long you commit to the plan from before, will get you regular e-mails and video access, hundreds of tips, a personal coach to whom you can ask any of your questions, an online forum, delicious recipes, gifts, and a lot more.  Compared to many other weight loss plans, this one packs in some serious bang for your buck.
As any recovering serial dieter will note, being healthy is never about extreme measures or outrageous and restricting regimens.  Rather, it’s always about balance and what works for you.  We're sure Jessica Biel didn't get that body from lack of balance! Good luck, we're all in this together...  After all, bikini season is only three months away!