Sexy Bangs

Since the beginning of my college years I've had the same look. Long, straight hair with sweeping side bangs. Yes, I've definitely had my fun experimenting with color, but overall I've had the same hairstyle forever. It was time... beyond time, I needed change.

Knowing exactly what I was seeking I found photos of Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian from when they had them... bangs... and printed them out. Not just any type of bangs, sexy bangs. Next I laid all of my trust into stylist, Jeff Chastain at Ted Gibson, my fave salon in NYC.

Half petrified, but mostly excited I sat in the chair and showed my photos. He understood what I wanted immediately and I surrendered side bangs to him feeling completely comfortable. Don't you love it when a stylists just gets it? He chopped at various angles to create texture and kept them right at lash length. Transformed!

Jeff left me with a great bang styling tip:

First rough dry your bangs as much as possible. Then, gather them and place a small round brush on top of them at your part and wrap your bangs around the brush so they're lifted away from your forehead. Shoot them with your hair drier and pull the brush to the left or the right a little bit depending on which way your hair falls. This will give your bangs a little lift off of your forehead and enable them to lay nicely onto your face. Never blowdry them straight down onto your face.