Spray Yourself Tan This Fall

Summer may be over, but your tan doesn’t have to leave with it. I got a few easy tips from Cindy Barshop, owner of Completely Bare Salons, on how to get a great DIY spray tan. First of all, the Completely Bare spray tan is no joke.  Not only have they mastered the spray tan, but you can even get a "sculpted tan," which can hide any imperfection you may have, or “sculpt” thinner thighs or abs.  What girl wouldn’t want that?  For at-home, I recommend trying to get an even, all around glow.  Leave the sculpting to the pros!

Rule Number One: Preperation

Before you even open the self-tanner bottle, make sure that you shave your legs, and exfoliate your entire body and don't moisturize. Cindy also recommends using Earth Therapeutic Hydro Gloves in Jade to prevent the tanner from getting on your hands.

Rule Number Two: Spray Away, Carefully

Next, use a self tan like Completely Bare Model Tan on your body, (not your face) and spray it in a circular motion. The circular motion will give your tan a more natural look.

Rule Number Three: Take Time on Delicate Areas

Save your knees and elbows for last. To make those areas look natural add a tiny drop of moisturizer to your self-tanner and make sure your knees and elbows are bent when applying. This will bring down the level of intensity for the tan and give an overall natural look.  On your face Cindy recommends using Jergens Natural Glow for Face. Make sure to apply up to your hair line and down to your neck.

Rule Number Four: Post Spray Care

Use a hair dryer on cold to avoid humanity which makes you sweat and your tan fade, and to make sure you're completely dry.  Avoid wearing tight clothing and don't shower for about 12 hours.