Self Magazine Features My Beauty Look in Their September Issue and It's So Easy You Can Do It, Too

In the beginning of the summer when the beauty editors of Self mag asked me if I'd be interested in being featured in their September I told them they were crazy for even asking! Honored, I jumped at the opportunity and a few weeks later a bag arrived at my apartment with how-to instructions for four different makeup looks along with four jumbo zip lock bags filled with cosmetics for each. While I'm no makeup artist, these looks were really easy to accomplish.  My favorite were the smokey eye and pink lip.  I shot some of the looks in my backyard in Jersey and some on my vacation in Aruba.  Lighting is everything!  The photo they chose was the smokey eye look, which was shot in Aruba on my family vacation by my uncle, Rich Millward, who is a photographer (lucky me!).  I instagramed all of the pics that I sent in to make sure my skin looked flawless (wouldn't you?).

Pick up the September issue of Self to check out the "Less Is More, Beautiful" article about easy fall makeup looks.  Other beauty bloggers from and the blogger behind are featured as well.  I'm telling you, all of the looks are super easy!