Sample Sale Craze

If you're anything like me you're signed up for all of the hottest online sample sales like HauteLook, RueLaLa, TheFairest, and so on. Everyday I browse each the sites to check which sales are going on, constantly hitting the refresh button determined to steal the Marc Jacobs dress out of someone else's cart.  In the end, I normally make out with a few sweet deals, but getting them is nothing but a hassle.  That was until I was introduced to MyNines.

MyNines is a new site that's combining all of the hottest sample sale sites in fashion, beauty, travel and wine in one place so you don't need to jump from site to site.  It's intense enough trying to fight over an item on one site let alone battling on many!  You can search for items you're looking for and each sale lasts 72 hours.

I'm so used to looking at fashion and beauty sample sales that I found the travel sales on MyNines very cool. It's a great place to go if you're booking a vacation to look for a room.  You may get more for your money if you go through a sample sale site than booking directly through the hotel.  Talk about an upgrade!