Salt Spas Enter the US

Popular in Eastern Europe for years, salt spas are beginning to enter the United States beginning in New York City.  So what's a salt spa?  Exactly what you think. Treatment rooms have walls made of salt, the floor is covered in salt (like sand on a beach) and salt is blown into the air  ever-so-slightly.  You can go in fully clothed (besides putting covers over your shoes, kick back and watch TV, work on your laptop, read a magazine or just relax.

Studies have found that salt helps to treat and relieve chronic pulmonary diseases such as asthma, sinus problems, the common cold, skin disorders such as acne, depression, stress and even helps those trying to quit smoking.

I recently visited the Halo/Air Salt Rooms in NYC to see what the craze was all about.  They had rooms for doubles, singles and a children's room, which was more like a playground.  CEO, Ron Rofe', was on hand to give me a complete tour of the spa.

"It helps people detox their airwaves and people with a lot of discomfort from allergies, asthma, and bronchitis," he commented.

Check out the spa at  If you're trying to quit smoking, they're offering 30% off a purchase.