Runway Worthy Moisturizer

When thinking of the scene backstage during fashion week the first things that come to mind (a beauty bloggers mind anyway) are hair, makeup and nails, but what about the skin?

Gwen Stefani made sure her models hot bods were prepped and runway ready with Vaseline Sheer Infusion for her Spring/Summer 2010 L.A.M.B show.  Smart move on Gwen's part, no one wants to see ashy skin strutting down the catwalk in summer clothes!

Vaseline Sheer Infusion with Stratys-3 combines three moisturizing ingredients that break into each layer of the skin, even the deepest one (the stratum corneum) and allows each of them to hold and absorb the moisture.  It's a great pick for the fall and winter seasons and comes in three scents, my favorite being Botanical Blend.  

Since the moisture "suspends" across all of the skins layers, the PR mavens of Vaseline taught me about suspension today by taking a group of us to The Trapeze School of New York.  Check out this YouTube video of me suspending in mid air.  I think I'm ready for Circ de Soleil!  You?