My New Weekly Routine Involves Peeling Off A Tar Like Substance from My Face

When I visited LA last month I stopped by Kravetz PR to check out some of Rodial skincare's latest launches and as soon as my publicist friend introduced me to their newest face mask my eyes widened and I think the words, "Give me that!" came out of my mouth.  Rude?  No, I couldn't wait to use it!  Introducing the Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask... Get this, it's a black, peel off face mask that contains liquorice to help brighten your skin and minerals that help to deep clean your pores.  It also includes Syn-ake (hence the name), which is a peptide that mimics a viper's venom to help your muscles relax (like Botox in a bottle).  A black, peel off face mask with benefits?  Now that sounded like a fun Sunday night activity!

I thinly applied the jet black tar-like mask all over my face and tried to avoid getting any of it on my bathroom sink.  I liked that it was so inky as opposed to the clear, whitish and green face masks I normally do.  This was far from spa-like.  I'm also one of those people (even though I know better) who believe that if something smells strong, it's working.  It's a mental thing.  Throughout the application, I couldn't ignore the smell of chemicals.  It wasn't pleasant (like fresh linens or anything), but I liked it.  It made me think it would be effective.  As it dried, the scent disinegrated and the mask hardened.  Twenty minutes later, I challenged myself to attempting to peel it off in piece, which was a misearable fail, but I'll conquer it next time.

My skin felt very tight, appeared clean and illuminated after I applied moisturizer.  The recommended use is two times a week and I plan on continuing for the benefits and the peel factor.  You can get it at, but use it sparingly as it only takes a very thin layer to cover your entire face and the tiny 50ml tube is not cheap.