Rock the Red Lip the Right Way

Wearing a red lip is far from easy, but Leighton Meester nailed it at the 2009 Emmys this past September.  Thinking about trying it for the holiday season?   Go for it.  It can bring a level of elegance and sophistication to any pout, as long as it's done right.  Joanna Schlip, Physicians Formula Celebrity  Makeup Artist, gave me some pointers on how to perfect the look.

First, you have to make sure you choose the proper shade for your skin tone.  If you have a pale, pinkish complexion, choose a cool, blue-red lipstick, whereas if you have a more olive complexion, go with a red that has an orange base.

Once you have the right color, pat foundation all over your lips and apply powder on top just like you would to your face.  Then, take a nude pencil and outline your lips.  

"When you decide to wear red lipstick, you're making a commitment for the night and there's no turning back," commented Schlip.  

Before applying the lipstick, use a lip stain.  You can create your own with jell-o.  Just stick a wet q-tip into red jell-o mix and apply it onto your lips. Allow it to stain your lips as you finish getting ready.  

And now for the grand finale, just before you walk out the door, use a lip brush to apply your red lipstick.  The brush gives you better control over the placement of the pigment.