Rita Pereira's Cleavage Uproar at the International Emmy Awards

About two weeks ago I attended the International Emmy Awards in NYC and posted about highlights of my night which included interviewing Portuguese actress and model, Rita Pereira about her show-stopping cleavage. The comments received caused quite a stir and I wanted to clear somethings up about Rita. She's not from America and wasn't on The Jersey Shore.  She's most recently appeared in the TV series Meu Amor and obviously wanted to grab some attention at the International Emmy Awards by wearing that dress.  Maybe she's looking for a big break in America?

Whatever the reason, she's 28 years old, has a gorgeous body, is a talented actress and shouldn't be compared to The Jersey Shore's J Wow! Maybe she showed a bit too much, but she definitely got what she wanted... I got the boob scoop! The YouTube video of me interviewing Rita has already been viewed over a million times!  Check it out she talks all about her controversial boobs!

What do you think about Rita's cleavage choice? Too much or just right?