Right Now Nail Color

Lately during my Saturday morning mani/pedi rituals, I've been finding myself staring blankly at the wall of polishes, tempted by the new summer collections from Essie and OPI and bored by my norm of trendy darks with a tint of purple. In between seasons is the hardest time for nail color, and one of the many difficult beauty decisions a girl has to make.  

If you're finding yourself in the same position, here are some recommendations that may help you next time you're face to face with the big wall of color.  You can never go wrong any time of year with a classic red.  This time around I went with Essie A-Lister.  You can also try going lighter and getting a simple base color such as Deborah Lippman Sarah Jessica Parker.  For a cleaner look with just a tint of color, Essie Pink Glove is a great option.

What's you're go to nail color?