Rid Toxins & Re-balance

If you follow my blog regularly you already know that I'm very into health and fitness.  As I've said before, I believe beauty goes far beyond the blush brush and one aspect of beauty I really enjoy is taking care of your body (after all I'm stuck with it for life).  Today, I'm starting a new cleanse called the 365 Complete Body Cleanse that I got from Whole Foods.  

I've tried a cleanse before that lasted five days and was able to eat on it and such.  I really liked it and felt great afterwards.  This cleanse lasts two weeks (I know a long time), but I decided to take on the challenge because I can live my normal life as long as I eat healthy meals and avoid alcohol.  The promise is that it will help to clear out toxins and re-balance my body.

I have to admit, two weeks is a big commitment for me, but all I have to do is take pills daily.  The pills are huge, but all natural.  I'm starting it today and will let you know how I do!  To learn more about it click here.