Boyfriend Approved Beauty: Redken Natural Rescue Collection

We all want healthy, shiny hair, as our mane is one of our most alluring features.  As a matter of fact, 72% of men said that a woman's hair was the sexiest when it's shiny, according to a survey by the UK Telegraph. Well according to my boyfriend, it also has to smell good!  (I guess when I push to day three of not washing it he can tell, oops).  Well let me introduce you to a collection that that helps me achieve shine and great smelling locks whether I wash them or not.
Redken recently came out with a hair care line called Natural Rescue that's completely free of parabens, sulfates and silicones and uses plant and marine extracts to remove buildup, while helping to nourish and refine your hair so I've been putting it to the test. The line consists of Refreshing Detox Shampoo, $16, Refining Sea Polish, $19, Cooling Deep Conditioner, $17, and my favorite, the Radiant Sea Spray, $17.  The Radiant Sea Spray is like  an orgasm in a bottle.  Yes, it does actually add texture to my fine, lifeless hair, but it's a "Boyfriend Approved Beauty Product."  Now that's a beauty award! The spray has fragrance capsules in it that when touched, are activated and give off a very light, refreshing scent.

You can find Redken products at Redken salons near you.