Hello Sexy! Redken Introduces Loose Ends for Men

When I first found out about Redken's new product for men called Loose Ends, I wasn't exactly sure what type of man would use it until I saw a photo of their model for the campaign and it clicked – that type of man – the guy with Matthew McConaughey hair!  Ladies, if you're dating a guy like that you're clearly dating him for his hair (hey, no judgement here!) so hook him up with this pomade.   “Loose ends is a great product for men with a little length in their hair who want some definition but without weight,” says Jenny Balding, Redken For Men Consultant.

It's a liquid pomade that adds a bit of definition and texture without any sticky or goopy feel, which is key.  Since my boyfriend keeps his hair short, I never thought about what guys with this hair type use, but of course you may need to know!  Just when you thought food was the key to a man's heart, you find out it may be as simple as the right hair goop!

Redken for Men Loose Ends Liquid Pomade, $17.60, is sold at professional salons.