Red Lipstick that Stays Put When You Pucker Up, Secrets from Backstage 'Anything Goes' & MAC Cosmetics

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of joining MAC Cosmetics at Anything Goes on Broadway to celebrate the launch of their new collection inspired by the show, Hey, Sailor. An hour before the show we had a private meet and greet with the Lead Makeup Artist, Angelina Avallone.  The look embodied the 1930's classic theme of the show: romance, hope and happiness, but what caught my attention was that every woman in the cast wore an effortless red lip that lasted through all the kissing and didn't transfer onto the man.  Here's how and a peek at the new MAC Hey, Sailor collection. "We use the Prolong Wear Lipcolours from MAC, because they stay on and come with a gloss," commented Avallone.

First, Avallone uses the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil to outline the lips creating a 1930's shape.  Then, she fills them in with using the MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme.  As a finishing touch, she adds a tiny bit of Pro Longwear Lipcolour to the center of the lip.

"It's [Pro Longwear Lipcolour] a gloss designed for that particular lipstick so it doesn't break down the intensity of the color.  So a girl can have nice glossy, pimented lips and when she kisses the leading man, it doesn't come off onto him."

Check out the Hey, Sailor collection inspired by the play.  You can literally duplicate the 1930's look with the collection!