Red Carpet Hair Secret

There's a new winner in Hollywood and it's not an actor or actress... it's a volumizer from Liqwd.  It may not have taken home any Golden Globes, Oscars or Grammys itself, but the starlettes who have been swearing by have looked flawless on the red carpets and if they won, they probably would have thanked Liqwd in their speeches. Cameron Diaz and Vera Farmiga's stylists both used the Liqwd Volumizer Catalyst on the nominees before the Oscars last week.  "It's the greatest product for fine hair," stated Lona Vigi, Diaz's stylist.  It really helps lift the roots for a great blow out or volumized updo.

The technology behind the volumizing tactics in this product is super advanced.  Unlike other products that leave build up on each strand to make them appear fuller and thicker, this volumizer infuses your hair with moisture that makes each individual strand swell and separate.

You can purchase Liqwd Volumizer Catalyst, $28, here.