Classic Red Carpet Beauty Trends: Red Lips and Smoky Eyes

Obviously you can tell that I'm just a little excited about the Oscars tomorrow and am getting the most out of awards season.  After chatting with some of my beauty blogger friends about predictions for the red carpet, I thought it was only appropriate to discuss two of the hottest makeup trends that are appropriate for any evening event: red lips and smoky eyes.

Rihanna, Emily Blunt and Rita Ora were all spotted rocking a vivid red lip this season.  A swipe of red lipstick adds instant elegance to any look on or off the red carpet.  To get the look make sure you prep your lips by exfoliating them and dabbing on a bit of lip balm to the center.  Take your favorite red, (blue based for cool skin tones and orange based for warm), and apply it by pressing it into your lips with your fingers for a natural, not matronly effect. Add a layer of powder and reapply so no touch-ups are needed.  For extra staying power try using Touch In Sol I'll Get You Lip Stain #1 in Real Red.

Katharine McPhee, Kerry Washington and Marion Cotillard are just three of the many celebs who donned a sultry smoky eye so far this awards season.  It's no secret that the key to creating the look without fail is all in blending the colors so there's no harsh lines.  One thing that I always admire is the way eyeliner is used on top to fill in the lash line and then smudged into the shadow and on the bottom to define the eye shape.  Make sure your smokey eye isn't just about shadow and try using a small liner with a precise tip that allows time for smudging before it sets like Touch In Sol Dramatic Pencil Eyeliner in #1 Glam Black.

*This post is sponsored by Touch In Sol, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.