Recessionista Primping

Regardless of the recession hair must be cut, nails must be polished, and brows
have to be maintained. Let's face it, certain things are worth spending on to keep us the pretty ladies we are. I've discovered some budget friendly beauty breaks that will help:

  • Get your mani/pedi on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Most salons run combo specials in the beginning of the week and you can save anywhere from $10-15. If you don't see a sign up, inquire with your manicurist.
  • Skip those pricey $200 cuts and try scheduling an appointment at salon training schools. My best friend goes to the Aveda Institute in NYC and gets hers for $18. Click here to see a list of training schools in your area.
  • Don't splurge on your favorite perfume. Visit a Sephora. The product consultants will place any perfume you'd like in a spray tester for free and there's no limit to how many samples you can have.
  • Try threading your brows instead of waxing. Threading is an average of $2 cheaper and normally lasts a few days longer.
  • Watch your tipping. Know how much you're going to be paying and try to figure out your tip before you're put on the spot while paying at the end of your services. The added pressure sometimes makes people throw extra money.
Do you have any extra tips to share?