Rahua Founders Explain the Demand for Gluten Free Beauty

One of my favorite beauty brands is owned by a charming couple who ventures to the Amazon Rainforest year after year collecting ingredients to enrich their products.  I first met Anna and Fabian about five years ago as they pitched their small, yet luxurious haircare line, Rahua.  I knew it was something special.  Now, they chose to make their eco-friendly line gluten free, and the story just got more interesting. I went to an event to check out Rahua's latest launches, a Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner and a hair mask I'm currently obsessed with, the Omega 9 Hair Mask, which is made with Ungurahua Oil from the Amazon Rainforest.  All are gluten free and the founders are in the process of making the rest of the line gluten free as well.  Why?  Consumer demand.

"Our customers are asking for it," Fabian stated.  "Most of them are savvy and interested in an eco-friendly lifestyle and we want to meet their expectations."  They made the switch by replacing wheat protein with quinoa and found that the molecules were smaller in quinoa, making them penetrate deeper into the hair and being more effective.

Is a gluten-free beauty regimen necessary?  You be the judge.  Refinery29 wrote a great piece.  I encourage you to check it out.