Pucca Launches at Curve in US

After ten years of existence in other countries, it's finally America's turn to fall in love with Pucca, a Korean franchise that expanded out of one simple character.  Partnering with Warner Brothers, it was Nevena Borissova, the owner of Curve, a boutique for stylists, who really brought Pucca to life.  The launch party was held at her NYC store in the heart of Soho.  I had an exclusive opportunity to interview Nevena and watch the transformation of the cutting-edge boutique turn into a Pucca party celebrating Valentine's week.

"This project opened up a whole new thinking of what Curve is about," remarked Nevena.  "As soon as Warner Brothers came to me with the idea of partnering with Pucca I was excited because I liked what Pucca represented."

Besides throwing Pucca's launch party, Curve exclusively carries a line of clothing inspired by the character much like the rest of what is sold in the boutique.  Pucca represents a sense of freedom and girl power, but she's also the girl who's "always kissing her boyfriend and can kick ass."  

The night before the event, I walked into a store that was in complete chaos. The Curve clothes were all being stored in trucks out front, Pucca inspired clothing was being carried in and set on the racks, lighting was on the ground, hearts were being hung on the walls, the DJ booth was being set up and you could barely even walk without stepping on something expensive.   

However, the night of the party there was a red carpet out front, a step and repeat with Jessica Szohr posing in front of it, models wearing Pucca T's and funky shades, and Curve was transformed into a Valentine themed chic nightclub.  Pomegranate martinis were being served, flashes were going off left and right and Pucca was born.  With a crew of about 20 men, the total set up time between all of them was about 300 hours.