The Progressive Peel That's Changing My Skin

progressive-peelThe strangest thing has been happening lately.  I've actually been waking up and eagerly running to my bathroom vanity to check out my skin in the mirror.  No lie.  I've put my skin through what seems like hell – IPL lasers, Fraxel and have used an abundance of lotions and potions that claim to be the best around.  However, I was introduced to a product about a month ago that has made the most drastic changes in the least invasive way.

Don't worry I'm obviously not keeping this all to myself!  It's the BeautyRX Progressive Peel by Dr. Neal Schultz, who I recently wrote about.  Don't let the "peel" part make you nervous.  Consisting of three products (that you use one at a time) – a serum, pads and a cream – it's a six week glycolic peel that builds in strength as your weeks of use go on.

So why am I raving?  My main concerns are fine lines, large pores and hyperpigmentation. (Lucky me.)  Almost immediately my skin began to look brighter and my pores,  minimized.  Now that I'm four weeks in, I'm alternating the serum with the pads nightly. As of now, my skin is brighter and I've even noticed that my hyperpigmentation looks lighter.  If you suffer from dark spots, you'll understand how excited I am.  I've been following the instructions and using it nightly, which is essential.  The results speak for themselves and using the peel at night actually makes me excited about washing my face before bed.

You can find the BeautyRX peel  for $69.95 at