Prepping My Skin for Spring Starting with A PCA Peel

Since Spring is around the corner I'm focusing on renewal and last Monday I opted to get a PCA Peel on my face to majorly exfoliate my skin. I was greeted by Sophia Phan, an esthetician at the Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of NY and NJ on the Upper East Side, who was specifically trained by PCA Skin on how to execute this peel.  It's like no other. Instead of having a "one size fits all" attitude, PCA Peels are customizable to each client depending on their personal skin care concerns and needs.  Sophia started by asking me what my main skincare concerns were and what I'm doing at home to take care of them.  I told her I wanted to focus on anti-aging, brightening and after looking at my skin, she agreed.

Throughout the peel, Sophia tested my skins sensitivity and knew when she could move forward or let my skin rest.  I trusted her.  For me, she used an anti-aging combination with 10% lactic acid.  This of course would be different if it were you.

I'm not going to lie, getting a peel isn't a walk in the park.  There is some tingling and a bit burning, but it's nothing like what Samantha from Sex and the City portrayed!  I'd say it's more like wearing 5" heels out dancing because you know they look hot even though they're not the most comfortable thing.  After the peel, my skin looked fresh and products will now seep better into my skin, which will cause them to be more effective.

Afterwards I was advised not to exercise for 48 hours.  After having shortness of breath for about two minutes over it (being a gym rat and all) I understood why.  Because the skin is so fresh, any activity that can bring heat to the face can cause the skin to blister.  No thank you!  So I willingly stayed out of the gym.  I was also told that depending on how exfoliated my skin already is I may peel starting on day to for up to about five days and given a "PCA After Peel Kit" with balms and instructions on how to take care of my skin for the next ten days.  Now, a week later, my skin is almost done peeling and looks fresh.