Polish Change: Glossy vs. Matte

Choosing a mani and pedi color is an obstacle all on its own, but now besides color choices we're faced with yet another decision: a matte or glossy finish. Knockout Cosmetics came out with a line of polishes that dry completely matte.  

Available in six shades: Black, Powder (white), Calamine (pink), Liberty (mint green), Karen (red), and their latest, OX (deep purple), they were created by film and stage makeup artist, Mike Porter.  They also have Flatte Top, which is a clear matte that can act as a base coat or top coat.  This is my favorite one because you can use it on top of your favorite nail polish shade and turn it matte to create the edgy, nontraditional look.

The lighter shades are harder to perfect on your own because they streak easily. Unless you're bringing them to your manicurist or have a lot of patience I wouldn't recommend them over the others.  Each polish is $22 and can be found at Henri Bendel.