Physician's Formula Launches A Fool Proof Makeup Collection

When I received Physician's Formula's latest launches this week, I spilled the bag out onto my floor as I normally do and shifted through making a mess of packaging on my floor and on my hand of color swatches.  I stopped to pay closer attention when I noticed they had new products called "PH Matchmaker," which is basically genius makeup – a bronzer, blush and lipgloss that work with the PH in your skin and lighting to customize your perfect colors. The bronzer and blush each come in two shades and have flourescein based dye that senses your skins PH and the powders adjust to the light so your glow looks just as fabulous in the sunshine as it does in your own bathroom lighting.  The lip gloss also comes in two shades, pink and light pink and works the same way.  They really a natural lip hue.

I'm really impressed by the technology in these products and believe makeup can either be used to enhance your natural beauty or as an accessory.  Of course I use it both ways, but this collection is a great way to bring out your natural colors.

Physician's Formula PH Matchmaker Powder Bronzer, $19.99; Powder Blush, $15.99 and Lip Gloss, $12.79 all at