Part 2: Putting Lasers to the Test, PhotoFacial Results

Every day this past week I woke up and anxiously ran to the mirror to inspect my face hoping for a miracle. Having received an IPL treatment, otherwise known as a PhotoFacial, by my derm Dr. Lefkowicz last week I couldn't wait to see results.  Bye, bye brown spots!  (Here's where I blogged about the laser treatment.)  A week later, I can tell you my complexion is definitely more even (almost as good as my airbrushed headshot), but still has some ways to go. Throughout the week the spots gave me some trouble just as I expected them to.  First, they got a lot darker from the lasers.  The day I had the treatment done I came back to my apartment to write and didn't leave again.  They were embarrassingly dark and irritated that day.

However, I had places to go and people to see throughout the week and was out the door the next day.  While the brown spots were darker than ever on the second and third day, I think I was the only one who noticed.  I felt the need to explain to friends and colleagues that I had an IPL, but to my surprise, they didn't even notice that my brown spots were super dark.  I was just paranoid.

By the fourth day they began to peel and fade.  This is what I was waiting for!  I was a good patient during this time as I normally scrub and pick like there's no tomorrow, but I kept my skin moisturized and allowed the brown spots to disappear on their own.  Now, a week later, my face is almost back to normal with less brown spots and the ones that are left are significantly lighter.

The IPL normally takes anywhere from one to four treatments spaced two to four weeks apart to work depending on one's condition.  I think if I had one more treatment my skin would be where I want it to be.  This week was trying, but worth it.  The treatment isn't too expensive and works quicker than any lightening serums and creams on the market.

 Dr. Lefkowicz can be found at NY Skin Rx at 875 Fifth Ave. NY, NY 10065. (212)288.3200