The Next Big Thing: Express Facial Peels

ThePeelBarBlowout bars, brow bars, makeup bars... aren't we lucky ladies? Having the convenience of quick, specialized services at affordable prices is a luxury we've been getting used to (at least here in NYC). There's a new bar in town that's perhaps the most exciting since the launch of DryBarThe Peel Bar by Dr. Neal Schultz.  The first of it's kind, you can get a 40% glycolic peel for under $40 in just two minutes.  Here's why it'll be the next big rage in beauty.

Dr. Neal Schultz, a NYC derm who is know for his peels, put it on the map. At home, you can try his Progressive Peel, but if your skin craves something a bit more intense, a professional peel is the way to go.  While I frequent my derm for them or even add one on to my facial, the time and money is always a factor.  At The Peel Bar, you can literally stop in, get a two minute glycolic peel (the same strength used at the derms office) for $39 and be on your way.  No wait time and it won't break the bank.

Of course, I analyzed the whole situation during my visit (the first of many) and am confident that with quality control this is a great idea that will quickly spread as fast as the Dry Bar.

You can book a glycolic peel at The Peel Bar at Butterfly Salon, which is located at 149 5th Ave., NYC.  They're being offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays by Dr. Schultz's medical staff.