It's Confession Time... Paul Mitchell Encourages You to Dish on Your Unruly Hair

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with our hair.  We all want what we can't have, right? Well I was blessed with pin straight fine hair.  That's literally how it dries when I get out of the shower.  No blow drier needed.  While many are jealous of my frizz free locks, I'm jealous of those with texture, thickness and curls!  Don't you find yourselves having this convo with your friends?  Well, curly haired girls, pay attention, Paul Mitchell has something for you. Share your "Curl Confession" on their Facebook page.  Being that I have straight hair and will try anything for a decent wave, I always assumed that curls were easy to work with.  As in, people with really curly or kinky hair wake up with gorgeous curls.  After watching some of the curl confession videos (specifically a fellow blogger friend of mine, Christina's, pictured above, who's in the ad campaign) I found out I was wrong!

Share your curl confession on their FB and even with me on Twitter using the hashtag #curlconfession I'm curious!

*This is a sponsored post.