There's A New Man in My Life & He Makes Me Sweat, Thanks P90X

My studio apartment is now not only my office, but also my P90X home gym.  As a NYer, I learned how to be creative with a small space.  I've been working out at Club H Fitness for the past four years and it was recently bought out by Crunch, who decided to bring what seems like every one of their Manhattan members with them into what was my health club.  Therefore, I needed out and after seeing my friend Tiana's P90X results I jumped on the bandwagon.  Let me tell you, I saw instant results and it's only week three! I was never into infomercials and laughed at my dad when he bought the "As Seen On TV Ab Roller," but I bought the "As Seen on TV DVDs" and have straight up tunnel vision to strength, flexibility and endurance.  I've always been in shape, but this is a new level of dedication.  Each day I take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes out of my morning and work out with Tony Horton in my living room.  I'm on the P90X lean plan, which is more cardio than weight lifting, with the hopes of a lean, toned body by Memorial Day weekend and beyond.

I'm not drinking the recovery shakes or following the nutrition plan.  That's all a little much for me as the last thing I need is to make another to-do list in my life.  I'm vegetarian and eat pretty healthy in general, but I did give up alcohol.  It's been three weeks and counting.

Two weeks down and so far so good.  I just entered week three and I'm still into it, but have to warn you that it's not for everyone.  When I had to go to classes I was driven by the instructor and other students to keep going.  Now, it's my own dedication and determination that keeps me going.  It works for me, for now, but unless you have the drive within you, it won't work.  I love that I get my butt kicked first thing in the morning and no longer have to revolve my day around my gyms class schedule.