Oscars Best Dressed: Hair, Makeup & Gowns

The Oscar red carpet was flooded with award worthy deep center parts, romantic updos and stunning eye makeup.  The award for 'Best Dressed' isn't taken lightly as it includes hair and makeup, because let's be honest, it's the total package that lands you on that list.  Here are my picks and rules for nailing it. Rule 1: Have the Perfect Recipe

A good glam squad knows how to collaborate to put a look together.  Think about it, the hair, makeup and dress can't all be elaborate.  Sometimes one or two of them need to sit back and allow the other to take center stage.  Other times, they all work cohesively like a perfectly blended cocktail.  

Rule Two: Rock Confidence

You've probably heard me or someone else say this over and over, but it's true.  Confidence is your best accessory.  Most celebrities nail the confidence factor no matter how uncomfortable their heels are to walk in or what the weather is like outside and most opt for sleeveless styles. According to a Dove survey, 61% of women, ages 18-35, feel sexy and feminine when going sleeveless. 

Jennifer Lawrence