Oscar Slimming Secrets

Besides working out and eating healthy, every girl should have a few tricks up her sleeves to keeping her body in check. This year at the Academy Awards, starlettes were donning some very form fitting gowns and even though they may have had some nips and tucks here and there to look as fab as they did, they were also relying on something else to keep everything in place: shape wear.

No matter your shape or size a tighter bod is always in demand (at least in Hollywoo).  Introducing Maidenform... a collection of shape wear that goes beyond the bra and even beyond the control top.  It's innovative designs are for the petite to the plus size and fit comfortably to a woman's natural curves.

I haven't yet even invested in a pair of Spanx, but with a ton of weddings coming up this summer I think this shape wear may just give me the "look" I'm going for.