Oscar Beauty Predictions from Top Beauty Bloggers

With the Oscars the Sunday, awards season will be wrapping up and we've seen some stunners on the red carpet this year.  From side swept retro-inspired curls, deep bordeaux lips and neutral nails, it's been quite glamorous.  For the pinnacle of awards season, the Oscars, I predict the trends to continue, but for old-school Hollywood glamour to really take center stage.  Check out what my other blogger friends predict, as we've all been glued to the red carpets this season.

I think we'll see more women take on the vampy lip! We saw Claire Danes rock it (in a throw back to her days on My So Called Life, 90s-style!) at the Golden Globes and it showed up on many runways during NYFW and, I think, will continue to pop up on the Red Carpet at the Oscars through the fall.  - Alexis Wolfer, Editor in Chief of TheBeautyBean.com

I definitely think we'll continue to see bold red lips paired with sleek dresses and, of course, bold lashes and a gorgeous smokey eye. - Jamie Stone, Founder of queenofthequarterlifecrisis.com

i'm predicting emerald green making a presence on the red carpet (be it fabulous gowns or accessories), there also seems to be a crazy influx of romantic 'do's this award season, would love to see more of the waves we saw at the grammys, and also, as with always lately, fabulous nail art! - Aly Walanksy, Columnist at SheKnows.com

I think we will see a lot of black and jewel tone gowns accented by super clean skin, sparkle-free makeup, and a split between red lips and nudish lips. Personally, I'm in the red camp! - Bryce Gruber, Editor of TheLuxurySpot.com

I'm betting the farm on Old Hollywood glamour reigning supreme: deep-side parts, red lips, strong brows, and lots and lots of shiny, lacquered Veronica Lake waves. I'd love to see the ante upped in terms of wow-factor dresses: I feel like too many celebrities have been playing it safe recently. My fingers are crossed for an out-of-nowhere killer fashion choice like Nicole Kidman's acid-green Dior dress in 1997 or Michelle Williams's mustard-yellow Vera Wang in 2006. We've got a spate of gorgeous women nominated for Best Actress, so I'm looking to Naomi Watts, Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams to bring it. And nobody is sweating her dress more than Anne Hathaway right now: she's all but guaranteed to win Best Supporting Actress, so look to her for the dress of the night. - Nadine Jolie, Founder of NadineJolie.com/blog