Oribe Talks Scarlett Johansson's Vogue Cover Look

There's one word to describe Scarlett Johansson on the cover on May Vogue: Stunning (yes, with a capital "S").  I chatted with Oribe, her on set hairstylist and friend to find out what it was like to work with one of the sexiest women alive and how to get those even sexier, Hollywood waves he created throughout the two day shoot in at a theater downtown in LA (at the same place "The Artist" was shot).  I always try, but somehow end up with separated pieces.  This interview will surely put an end to that nonsense!

How was her hair before you started?

The color of Scarlett’s hair was really beautiful.  She had finished shooting “The Avengers” and had gone back to being blonde.  The length of her hair was perfect and it was this amazing clean blonde.   She looked great, I love her blonde.

How did you come up with the look?

Absolutely, I’ll always collaborate with photographer and the stylist.  For this shoot, the inspiration was “Bringing Up Baby,” a classic movie with Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn.  It’s hysterical and really chic, so we were going for a late 30’s glamorous look.  It was an amazing shoot, I loved it.

 Did Scarlett have any preferences? 

Scarlett is a very smart, intelligent girl, and I always love to get her opinion.  I’m sure she helped me tailor the style to make it work for her face.  She’s very open and loves to look great.

How did you use hot rollers on Scarlett to start creating the wave?

I did the set with small hot rollers almost like a regular set. I divided hair into 2 inch sections, set it in a finger wave with a part.  The rollers went in before makeup and I left them throughout the makeup process. Afterwards I took them out, brushed hair flat and put clips in until Scarlett was dressed.  Finally, I took them out, brushed through the curls and misted hair with my Impermèable Anti-Humidity Spray.

What type of brush did you use to brush through her curls to achieve the wave? 

Always use a Mason Pearson Mixed Bristle Brush.  It glides through the hair really well for a smooth texture and brushing the curls will help them to look less contrived.  I think the result is beautiful, glamorous and reminiscent of the style of movie stars from the 30’s 40’s.