The Next Thing? Ombre Brows, You Be the Judge

Just when we thought we've seen it all, another creative artist comes up with a twist on a trend. Surprised?  You shouldn't be.  Ombre, the gradual fade from dark to light, started with hair color, transpired into nail art, a way to wear lipstick and now, a statement making brow.  First spotted on the Peter Som Spring 2013 runways, Hollywood's Brow Artist, Anastasia Soare, is the first to declare the ombre brow a look for the real world.  I spoke with her about her new colored brow powder and how to use it. What sparked the idea for using hair powder in your eyebrows too?

The first thing I consider always when playing with product is eyebrows, and I was loving the way Hypercolor looked in my hair. I tested Tornado Teal on my brows and feel in love.

Ombre lips were spotted all over the runways during NY Fashion Week.  Do you see ombre brows as the next big thing?

Yes I do… especially with the launch of my new products for Summer. I can’t give away all the details yet, but the new product will make it even easier to get this look! The trend is also very popular with "regular brow shades."

How would you use hair powder to create an ombre effect on your brows?

It’s so easy! Use a lighter powder at the front of the brow and from the highest point of your brow arch down towards the ends go dark. I prefer to line the top and bottom of the brows in front and apply very little powder in order to keep the brows truly lighter in front and filled in and darker towards the ends.

When do you think the look is appropriate and who can rock it?

The beauty of my job is that anything goes as it’s a creative environment. I think that ombre brows with natural brow powder can be worn anytime, but maybe save the pink brows for a night out on the town.

You can find Anastasia Beverly Hills Hypercolor Brow and Hair Powder for $12.50 at