O.M.G. Salon Moments

Have you ever seen the Sex and the City episode called "The Caste System?"  It's the one where Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda are getting pedicures together and think their pedicurists are talking about them in another language.  I've often thought that, but it never really bothered me.  Well, this weekend when I was getting my weekly mani/pedi with one of my girlfriends a few beyond wrong things happened.  So much for salon etiquette! 

First, as I was enjoying my extra ten minute foot massage during my pedi, I realized that the woman next to me had incredibly long toe nails that went way past the skin of her toes.  I'm talking at least an inch past!  Other people in the salon noticed too and we were all exchanging glances with wide eyes.  I know it's just beginning to be sandal weather, but who lets their toe nails grow to that extent?  How did this woman even wear shoes?

Then, in the middle of the salon in front of the window looking out to 3rd Ave. a very overweight, older woman was plopped face down into one of those massage chairs with her shirt over her head.  Yes, her shirt was up and her bra was her only form of coverage.  She was all lathered up, glistening in oil and was being groped and massaged right there for all to see for a good ten minutes. Once again, looks of horror were being exchanged from the manicure stations to the pedicure chairs.

As we were drying another customer summed up our experience by saying to my friend and I, "I'm glad I ate before coming to get my nails done."