Nymph-like Dolls, Backstage Elie Tahari

The hair and makeup for the Elie Tahari fall 2011 show was soft and innocent, and I couldn’t help but want to emulate it myself! Esther Langham was the lead for Moroccan Oil, and she set out to create a clean and sleek ponytail. She began by dabbing the hair with a cocktail of Moroccanoil treatments mixed in with about a quarter size amount of Hydrating Style Cream, and rubbing into hair from roots to ends. Then, she blow dried with a paddle brush to get hair nice and flat, and used a large, round brush to smooth the ends.

All of the models wore a center part, hair was finger combed down so that it wouldn’t be too severe, and finally secured with a hair tie as low as possible. Some of the models had hair wrapped around the face of their ponytails, and others wore leather hair bands or pretty lace and feather hair accessories. Before they went out on the runway, hair was spritzed with Glimmer Shine Spray.

Kimberly Soane from Bobbi Brown was the lead on makeup, and she wanted to create a very wide-eyed, pretty girl look that was almost “youthful Victorian nymph-like.”

Lots of Lash Glamour Lengthening mascara was used and warm, pink shimmer to highlight the inner corner of the eye (Champagne Quartz Metallic Eye Shadow).  She made a cupid’s bow by taking the burnt red color “Slopes” and pressing it in the center of the lip to give a doll-like effect. A very sheer blush “Pale Pink” was put on cheeks for a matte finish—and this shade works great on all skin tones. She wanted that “no brows” look as well.

Dashing Diva did the nails in an orangey nude hue called “Trust Fund.” A matte topcoat went over the color called “Make-It Matte.” Most of the models wore gloves so very few actually wore polish.