NYFW's Haute Spot: Starbucks

Fashionistas heading in and out of the tents this season some pro fur others faux fur, some in 5" Louboutins, others in chic flats, some in it for the perks and others working 'round the clock, but they all have one thing in common: the caffeine kick they get that keeps them fueled up from the Starbucks on 42nd and 6th.

"We've been flooded with people from the tents this week," commented Raymart, a Starbucks employee of seven months. "You can tell our normal customer from the fashion week customer immediately by what they're wearing and by what they order."

Usually serving different coffee blends and cappuccinos to the business type, Raymart said the most popular drink during fashion week has been the Vanilla Soy Latte.  "It's one of our best tasting drinks with the least amount of calories, maybe that's why," he stated.  With the same beliefs in mind, Starbucks cannot keep enough spinach, feta and egg sandwiches in stock.  "I also think it's because there's no meat in it, and you know how those fashion people eat," Raymart laughed.

With four to five employees working at a time, he's seen a huge crowd pouring over from the tents this season and last season while working throughout NYFW.  "I really hope to see a celebrity roll through here this year," he concluded.