Nutricosmetics Invade Dial Lotions

So far one of the biggest trends this year that I've recognized is that people are purchasing items that do more for them.  Take for example Wheat Thins.  It used to be that people would buy the one's that said "Fat Free," "Low Carb," and "Guilt Free Snack" on the label, but today's shopper is different. We're all looking for more.  Instead, we're picking up the boxes that read things like "Added Fiber." I thought of food first when writing this post, maybe because it's almost dinner time and I'm hungry, but what I was getting to is a new beauty product that just added more – I'm talking about Dial Lotions merging with what we know as nutricosmetics – added vitamins and minerals to give it a boost creating Dial NutriSkin Innovation.

Regular moisturizer doesn't cut it anymore.  The Dial NutriSkin Innovation comes in five varieties (including one for men) and can be found in drugstores.   What added benefits to you look for in your beauty products when shopping?