Nigel Barker Talks Beauty and America's Next Top Model

I attended a breakfast today at Citibabes with as Tyra Banks puts it, "World Renowned Fashion Photographer," Nigel Barker.  After shooting models for twenty years and capturing beauty through a lens, Barker recently came out with a book, Nigel Barker's Beauty Equation. At first when I heard another beauty book was being published I kind of brushed the idea aside and thought yea, yea whatever I've seen them all... tips on how to apply false lashes, how to get the no-makeup, makeup look – boring.  But after listening to Barker explain his idea of beauty and inspiration for writing the book, I soon came to realize that this one's different.

Barker explained that his son questioned what beautiful was and a thousand thoughts raced through his mind but eventually lead to dissecting the concept in the book.  To his 2 1/2 year old, he simply said, "your mother."

"Beauty isn't about the physical," Barker commented.  "It's about the essence of a person."  As a fashion photographer, he explained capturing who the person is,...


the emotion and being is what makes the person beautiful and the shot a cover shot.  After all, you don't fall in love with someone because of their physical appearance.  It's about the depth, energy and essence of the person that makes them beautiful.

Barker's book captures this concept of beauty through different stages in text and photographs. Check out the video below where he talks America's Next Top Model: