Nicole Scherzinger Adds Her Edgy Style to imPress

When I walked into the suite at the Dream Hotel downtown to chat with Nicole Scherzinger about her new line of press-on nails for imPress all I could do was stare at her legs!  She was wearing loose, leather shorts and a great pair of stilettos that made her gams look redic.  A dancers legs for sure, they only made me want to hit the gym and do a thousand lunges.  I had to stop before it got creepy and focus my attention onto the reason I was there, the nails.

"In my line of business, appearance is everything and my hands are always next to the mic, which make my nails the final accessory," Scherzinger commented.

As the Celebrity Brand Ambassador for imPress Press-On Manicure, she designed nine styles: three solid neon colors and six patterns that will launch in May at CVS and Walmart.  Her favorite are the ones I ended up trying on at the event, which are a gradation in color from purple to black to midnight blue with black stars on them.  They're rock star chic.

Since she's part Hawaiian, Scherzinger also created a set with Hibiscus flower incorporated into a French manicure to represent her culture and a set with music notes (inspired by last year's Dolce and Gabana collection) to represent her career.

"I need to make sure I'm expressing myself through my nails just like I do with everything else so designing a manicure on-the-go was a perfect fit for my crazy schedule."

When I applied the press-on-nails myself I was impressed that there were enough in the set to find ones that matched my tiny nail beds.  They're easy to apply, literally you just match them up to your cuticles and press down.  However, you should cut them down and file them to the shape you desire.