New Year, New Features

 Cheers to 2010 and cheers to the continued success of BeautySweetSpot! Thanks to all of you for your support in 2009.  I'm excited to announce that I'll be expanding the site this year and adding a few new features.

Besides indulging in the world of beauty, and always adding in a sexy little twist, here's what you can expect to find: 


  • Since I believe that beauty goes way beyond the blush brush, soon you'll find more articles focusing around health and fitness, so gear up!  
  • I'll also be continuing Man of the Week Wednesdays, and am always looking for new men to feature. Only two qualifications apply:  they must be sexy and successful.  Feel free to send nominations my way.
  • Enjoy your Monday morning cup of coffee with a teaspoon of celebrity by reading Monday's Muse, where I'll be highlighting a hot new A-list look each week.
  • Just when you're thinking TGIF and it's almost time to leave work, you can vote on your favorite magazine cover of the month as they battle in Face Off Fridays.

As always, I'm open to your suggestions. Please leave comments or feel free to email me if you have topics you'd like me to investigate.